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This is an effort to write something about a great character in the history of Vedic Culture. Anybody can get very confused to write anything about this character. We could be afraid that shall we be able to justify the personality of a super human (Maha Manav) properly? Infact, nobody can give justice properly to such great characters. Words are very short to describe the real greatness of Acharya Chanakya. But, to escape from the responsibility by giving such excuses is not our culture. We will make efforts to the fullness.

We are not trying to have the taste of litrature. To know the facts and understand the personalities in the right spirit should be our first concern.

Acharya Chanakya's real name was Vishnugupt. His father, Acharya Chanak, was a great petriot and scholar of Raj Niti (Political Science). From his name, Vishnugupt is known as Chanakya (the son of Chanak).

Acharya Chanakya was a total personality who has enlightened different aspects of life. We can get guidance from his knowledge of Arth Shashtra (Total Economy), Raj Niti (Political Science) and Samaj Shashtra (Social Science). He was a great Acharya and well known in the world in his era. There is no exact equivalent of Acharya in English. Professor or Scholar may be half of it. The one, who knows the principles / the ideals and puts them into the action, is called the Acharya. He/She does not only suggest the principles of life, but also lives according to that. Let's see an example. A young man was sufferring from asthma. He went to a doctor. The doctor came to know that he smokes occationally. He strictly adviced him that he has to stop smoking completely. He counted him a list of disasters that the smoking can cause. One day, that young man went to a wedding reception of one of his friends. He saw that doctor smoking there. He went to the doctor and asked why he is smoking though he knows the disadvantages of it. The doctor replied, "It is you, who is the patient. I am a doctor. My job is to advise. I am not bound to act according to the advises !!!" He may be a good scholar, since he knows about his subject. But, he is not an Acharya. Chanakya gave many applicable laws of Arth Shashtra. Arth Shastra does not simply mean "Economy". Economy is the term related to the finance. In Vedic culture, a man is considered to be wealthy if he is having good health, handsome financial state, stable family life, secured life, capable king (ruler), responsible elders and polite and highly spirited youth. It is not only the financial state that defines the wealth. Chankya gave the principles for that real wealth. That is called Arth Shashtra, the Total Economy. His principles are completely based on the Vedic philosophy and highly applicable in the life of all human beings in all ages.

He has also given the principles that can guide to develop the whole community (society). He has also given the guidelines for a king (or a ruler) for the state welfare, state's further development and security. Again, there is no need to tell that these principles are practically applicable in the society.

Infact, we will do injustice to him if we simply say that he was a great thinker, because this may be just a part of his personality. He had played a prime role in sweeping out the rule of Alexander in India. He did it when he was just a Teacher in the Takshasheela Gurukul. The world has seen the power of a teacher at that time. He did not have the support of any ruler or army. No two rulers were united at that time. He predicted the storm coming from west, namely Alexander, much before. He started his efforts to unit the kingdoms. Only Magadh was the kingdom, who could defeat the Greeks. Other two powerful states were Kaikey and Gandhar (where Takshasheela Gurukul was located). These were the two kingdoms that, if they would have united, could defeat the Greeks. Chanakya knew these facts. He also knew that the rulers of these kingdoms were selfish, arogant and egoistic. But, he was an optimistic. He started his tries to convince these rulers to unit for the sake of the country and the culture, for self respect and self esteem. Everybody ignored the seriousness of the matter. Rather they were so arogant that they felt that nobody can defeat them. They were so selfish that they were thinking about the small pieces of their rules only and not about the whole divine nation. They have ignored Chanakya's request. Chanakya was highly worried about safty of the nation of divine culture. He believed that no nation or society could develop under the slavary. Slavary under the alians is worse than the death. In these hard times, he did the unthinkable job. He made India free from alians' rule. Not only that, he thought that India is full of all kind of wealth. The whole world has the cunning eye on India and her lively wealth. So, unless the whole India gets united under the roof of a powerful empiror, it can not be safe. He dethroned the selfish, greedy and arogant kings and united the nation under the leadership of Chandragupt Maurya.

Acharya Chanakya was a great petriot, selfless devotee of the culture. He was a successful leader. He had perfact and long vision. He respected those intellectuals who were real petriots and who were using their capabilities for culture. He was completely unbiased. He never cared about his own respect or insult.

We will also see how bright and brillient people were born on this land. Acharya Chanakya was the outcome of the divine people of the divine land.

This is not the historical story that we are studying. We want to get the proper spirit, proper touch and proper feelings of the great culture and great people of the culture. This should not be an individual effort. It should be the combined effort made by all of us.

Om sahana vavatu,

Sahanau bhunaktu,

Sahaviryam karavavahai,

Tejaswina vadhitamastu,

Maa vidhvhisha vahai,

Om… Shantih…Shantih…Shantihi



(Gandhar, Kaikey and other Republican States)



Highly influencing personalities






Maha Mantri

Prime Minister

Maha Amatya




Kantak Shodhan Adhikari

Intelligence Department Officer

Sena Pati

Army Head

Sena Adhyaksh

Second Army Head


Head of Horse Department


Head of Cheriot Department


India, Son of India, One of the many names of Arjun




We are talking about the era of about 500 years B.C. How was Bharat (India)? Some poet rightly said:

Jahan dal dal par sone ki chidiya karati hai basera,

Woh BHARAT Desh hai mera, Woh BHARAT Desh hai mera.

(Meaning: Where you find the golden sparrows staying on each side of the trees, know that it is my motherland "BHARAT")

Bharat. Full of prosperity and wealth. The Holy Land had the best of the earth on it. It was full of minerals and natural treasure. People were living the best standard of life. Well-facilitated and strong houses were there. World's best education center was Bharat at that time. Four worldwide universities (Takshasheela, Nalanda, Vikramsheel and Vallabhi) were in Bharat. The cream intellects were the pride sons of this Land. Students from China and western world came here for studies. The youth of the nation was highly spirited. For teachers, developing a student was a devotion rather than only duty.